Belgian Hunting Lodge

A unique lot of ~3,000 sq. ft of original Belgian Oak Floorboards. These unique boards are incredible in patina and consistency. Its very rare we are able to reclaim a lot of this size. 

Reclaimed from a hunting lodge constructed in 1860, these original floorboards where lovingly reclaimed by hand. 

Reclaimed Belgian oak flooring and reclaimed French oak flooring both offer unique charm and sustainability, but they cater to different aesthetic preferences. Reclaimed Belgian oak is often appreciated for its consistent grain pattern and lighter, more neutral tones, providing a sleek and cohesive look that fits well in modern and contemporary interiors.

On the other hand, reclaimed French oak is renowned for its rich color variations, including warm honey and brown hues, along with more pronounced and diverse grain patterns that add a rustic and historical character, ideal for traditional or vintage-inspired designs.