Haussmann Era Reclaimed French Oak Chevron

Haussmann Era Reclaimed French Oak Chevron

Haussmann's renovation of Paris, commissioned by French Emperor Napoleon III, was a transformative public works project carried out between 1853 and 1870.

This ambitious endeavor aimed to modernize Paris, addressing issues of overcrowding and poor sanitation. The project involved the demolition of medieval neighborhoods, the construction of wide boulevards, and the creation of new parks and squares.

Today, the iconic street layout and architectural style of central Paris are direct results of Haussmann’s vision.

Reclaimed flooring from the Haussmann era captures the essence of this significant period in Parisian history. These floors, salvaged from buildings constructed or renovated during Haussmann's extensive urban planning, offer a unique blend of historical and architectural value.

  • Historical Significance: Haussmann era reclaimed flooring represents the transformative period of Paris in the mid-19th century. Each plank carries the legacy of the city’s evolution from medieval congestion to modern grandeur.
  • Distinctive Features: The flooring is old growth, high-quality French oak and craftsmanship, reflecting the architectural standards of the time. These floors are typically made from robust, virgin forest lumber  that has aged gracefully over more than a century.
  • Authenticity and Charm: The patina and wear on these reclaimed floors tell a story of the past, adding a touch of authenticity and charm to any space. The unique character of each piece provides an unparalleled aesthetic that modern reproductions cannot replicate.