Ardeche - Reclaimed French Oak & Chestnut

The Ardeche wood panel is a striking and sophisticated flooring option, perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to any interior space. This panel features a meticulously crafted geometric design, combining various shades and textures of reclaimed oak wood. The intricate pattern includes both straight and curved elements, forming a visually engaging and harmonious composition.

The design of the Ardeche wood panel is inspired by the traditional parquet flooring styles that date back to 16th century France. Originally, parquetry was a method used to create elaborate and decorative flooring patterns in the homes of French nobility and in grand public buildings. The name "Ardeche" is a nod to the picturesque region in southern France known for its rich history and beautiful landscapes, which have long inspired artists and craftsmen.

Material: Reclaimed French Oak & Chestnut Mix  

Texture: Heavy Brushed

Grade: Heavy Character, Knots

Milling: Ply Substrate, Grooved All Round (Slip Tongue)

Dimensions: 3/4" x 38.5” x 38.5”