Reclaimed Oak, Dressed Face

The reclaimed European oak flooring with a milled face offers a refined and sophisticated appearance, balancing the charm of reclaimed wood with a smooth, contemporary finish. This flooring is crafted from reclaimed oak boards that have been milled to achieve a uniform surface, making it suitable for modern interiors while retaining the wood's inherent character.

  • Appearance: The milling process results in a smooth and even surface, making it ideal for contemporary and minimalist interiors. The uniform finish highlights the grain patterns and color variations while providing a polished look.
  • Texture: While the milled face is smooth, it still retains some of the wood's natural character, including subtle imperfections and knots, offering a balance between refinement and authenticity.
  • Application: Suitable for modern and transitional design styles where a clean, sleek appearance is desired.

Solid: ¾” Reclaimed French Oak 

Board Widths: 4-10” Random Widths

Board Lengths: 3-8’