Reclaimed, Re-milled French Oak Boards - Original Face

Original face captures the raw, authentic beauty of aged wood, preserving its history and character in every plank. This type of flooring retains the original surface of the reclaimed boards, showcasing the natural wear and patina that have developed over time.

  • Authenticity: Original face flooring preserves the true essence of reclaimed wood. The surface is left largely untouched, maintaining the unique markings, nail holes, and weathered textures that tell the story of its past life.
  • Visual Richness: Each plank is distinct, with variations in color, grain, and texture that create a visually engaging and dynamic floor. The aged patina adds depth and warmth, making it a standout feature in any room.
  • Tactile Quality: The rougher, more textured surface provides a tactile quality that enhances the rustic charm of the flooring. The natural imperfections and character marks are celebrated, giving each board a unique identity.

Solid: ¾” French Oak 

Board Widths: 4-10” Random Widths

Board Lengths: 3-8’ (Custom Sizes Available)